Cuomo: COVID-19 expected to peak in 45 days; no plans to quarantine NYC

During his press briefing on Tuesday morning, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that there are now 1,374 cases of COVID-19 across the state and 12 deaths.  There are currently at least 131 cases in Nassau County and 84 in Suffolk.
Gov. Cuomo says as the facts change with the virus, the strategy of the state will change.
Cuomo went on to say the drive-through testing facilities at Jones beaech Nassau County and Suffolk are expected to open today.
Cuomo revealed experts believe the virus will peak around 45 days – with a 15 to 19 percent hospitalization rate with 55,000 to 110,000 hospital beds needed.
Cuomo re-iterated that there are not enough intensive care unit beds to treat the amount of patients they expect – mainly for the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.
To deal with the possibility of a hospital capacity surge, Cuomo revealed plans to make more space in hospitals and temporarily construct facilities.
So far, testing and containment guidelines have been ramped up throughout New York – with thousands being done daily.
On Monday night, restaurants, bars and gyms all closed and are limited to take-out or delivery. Schools across the state were also closed for at least two weeks.
Cuomo revealed he has received many calls from local leaders about their constituents were upset with the latest closures.
“If you are upset about what is being done, be upset with me. These are all state ordered rules, not local elected officials. They are in the best interest of the state,” said Cuomo.
Cuomo also quelled rumors about New York City going into quarantine – saying he has no plans to quarantine any city.
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