Washington lawmakers debating on new pandemic economic relief bill

Lawmakers in Washington are debating a new economic stimulus package to help those impacted by the ongoing pandemic.
While schools across the country are working on plans on how to reopen, the House of Representatives might be delaying or skipping its August recess.
"We have to have a bill, and we will have a bill, and I hope we will have it sooner rather than later because people really need to have it," says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
She says she is willing to stay in the nation's capital to get another relief bill to President Donald Trump.
"This isn't about government, philosophy, or any political differences of opinion. This about meeting the needs of the American people at the time of a pandemic that has lost about 40 million jobs," Pelosi adds.
Lending a financial hand to the American workforce has bi-partisan backing.
"We know we can't shut the economy down again. That cannot happen. We've learned there are consequences from being cooped up at home," says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
But as always, it's a question of whether Republicans and Democrats come to an agreement.
As the push for a proposal is in the early stages, Americans are attempting to cope.
"My business still hasn't picked up. COVID seems to be getting worse and not better. So, at least here in the city of Atlanta, were in the process, it seems, like of going back to phase one," says Delena Sanders, who is currently unemployed.
"You know, am I going to go out and buy something to eat? Or am I going to purchase some medication? Or am I going to save my funds to go to a doctor or put gas in my car?," says Cara Steele, who also lost her job.
McConnell says he wants the next stimulus package to include liability protections for businesses, restaurants, and schools with a price limit under $1 trillion, which is 1/3 of the House proposal unveiled in May of nearly $3 trillion.