Parents choose from over 6,000 holiday gifts at Huntington center

Volunteers were busy Thursday in Huntington wrapping about 6,000 presents that will go to 1,500 families in the area.

News 12 Staff

Dec 20, 2018, 7:52 PM

Updated 1,981 days ago


Parents on Thursday were able to pick from more than 6,000 presents at a Huntington community center so they could give their kids gifts on Christmas.
Debbie Rimler, executive director of Tri Community and Youth Agency, says they allow families in need to pick up two gifts for their children, ages 13 and under, as well as two stocking stuffers and a book.
The center is made to feel like a holiday toy store. Items are organized on shelves, and people were even given shopping carts.
When families finally find their perfect presents, volunteers happily wrap them up.
It was all made possible by Tri CYA and the Family Service League.

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