Valley Stream family of murdered teen fights to keep killer behind bars

The Valley Stream family of a murdered teen is fighting to keep her killer behind bars.
Robert Golub will soon be eligible for parole in connection to the 1989 murder of his teenage neighbor.
The 52-year-old is serving 25 to life for the murder of Kelly Ann Tinyes.
Golub beat, strangled and mutilated the 13-year-old. Her body was found in the closet of Golub's home.
The Tinyes family started a petition to make sure that Golub does not go free. It already has more than 2,000 signatures.
Richard Tinyes, the victim's father, says he will go before the parole board on Oct. 4 to say that he feels Golub is a child murderer and sexual psychopath who should never be freed.
"He sexually mutilated her. He beat her so bad, we had to close the coffin," says Richard Tinyes, the victim's father.
In 2013, Golub told the parole board for the first time that he did kill Tinyes, but said it was accidental and apologized. He said he accidentally knocked Kelly Ann down the stairs of his home and panicked because of his heavy steroid use.
News 12 reached Golub's mother who now lives in Florida for comment, but she hung up.