Users urged to password-protect home security cameras

Recent hacks into security camera systems like Ring have sparked concern among homeowners nationwide.
In one of the recent hack incidents, a Mississippi mother claims the Ring security camera she has in her 8-year-old daughter's room - was hacked by a voice pretending to be Santa Claus. Ring says its system was not breached, but that some bad actors had gotten access to logins and passwords from other websites that users recycle when accessing the Ring.
Other Wi-Fi camera systems have had similar hacker incidents. News 12 spoke with some people who were stunned that hackers could gain access so easily.
Kim Dougherty, of Massapequa, says it's scary to think about all the technology people use and the chances everyone takes.
Security experts say to stay safe make sure to choose a unique, strong password and change it often. They say use two-factor authentication, which will warn you on a separate device if any changes are being made to your account.