Upstate hemp farmer distributes free CBD oil to health care workers on Long Island

The stress of working on the front lines of the pandemic can be extreme, so a company is helping first responders across the area and on the Island find some calm in the chaos.
In upstate New York, Brittany Carbone and her husband run a hemp farm where they make CBD oil and sell it as a naturally calming tonic.
Tonic Vibes is taking a hit during the pandemic, but Carbone says she's been working to help first responders and hospital workers on the front line.
"We know what they're doing as far as really putting their health on the line, but their mental health is what's suffering as well," said Carbone.
Carbone is sending free samples of her CBD tonic to people who are working in close contact with the coronavirus.
She said she has sent nearly 1,000 free samples to medical professionals and first responders in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She sent the CBD to nearly a dozen hospitals on Long Island.
Claire Dimaculangan is an emergency room nurse at NYU Winthrop. She received the free sample package from Tonic Vibes.
Dimaculangan says the stress of working with COVID-19 patients has kept her up at night, but she says the tonic is helping.
"It just brings a sense of calm to the high stress, so I can function the next day, I can sleep and be 100% the next day to go to work," said Dimaculangan.
One free sample is valued at $50, but Carbone says money from sales to the general public funds her effort.
"Our mission at the end of the day is to bring as much healing to as many people as possible," said Carbone.