Unable to put on play, young group honors Holocaust survivor by parading past her home

A Holocaust survivor in Roslyn received a special, heartwarming surprise from a safe distance Wednesday.
Rachel Epstein lost over 30 members of her family in the Holocaust, but she was saved by a family, who risked their lives to protect her.
She goes from school to school sharing her story, and one local group even puts on a play about her life every year on Holocaust Rememberance Day.
While they couldn't put on the play this year, those same people paraded past Epstein's house to honor her. The caravan was supposed to happen yesterday on Holocaust Rememberance Day, but was moved to Wednesday because of Tuesday's severe weather.
People left Epstein flowers, balloons and even letters. Sarah Rubin was part of the group, and says Epstein has become like family to her.
"She looked overwhelmed with joy, and it's something I'll never forget," says Rubin. "She's the cutest thing. She's so sweet, so upbeat, so lively."
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