Turtle Rescue of Hamptons: More wild turtles being hurt than in previous years

The group says the animals are close to being placed on the endangered list because many of them are getting hurt by cars and other hazards.

Carmen Grant

Dec 4, 2023, 10:47 PM

Updated 228 days ago


Karen Testa, of the Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons, says she has seen a spike in native turtles getting hurt in Suffolk County.
"The turtles come in with ear abscess, their feet are hanging from dogs chewing on their bodies, the boats crush their shells," explains Testa.
Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons rehabilitates more than 200 injured turtles every year.
However, director Karen Testa says the operation is running out of room to care for the native reptiles.
She says recommends these tips to help protect local turtles,
"Make sure you don't boat in low-line areas, you want to cover your window wells, install Bilco doors on your cement steps going down into the basement. You don't want to use chemicals, use organic instead," explains Testa.

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