Travel around the world with these photos and live streams

With travel restrictions in place - it's hard to travel around the country, let alone the world. But News 12 is here to help!
Check out some of these photos from digital producer Deena Farrell to visit places you may have dreamed about. Below you'll also find places that are offering virtual tours.
Virtual tours:
With so many countries affected by coronavirus numerous landmarks, museums and national parks have shut down. With the hope of bringing those iconic sights to people stuck at home, virtual tours are now available. From Yellowstone National Park to the Louvre in Paris, all at the click of the mouse.
-U.S. National Parks on Google Earth
-The Louvre
-Sistine Chapel
-National Museum of Natural History
-Uffizi Gallery
-Machu Picchu
-Sydney Opera House
Travel-inspirited Netflix shows:
-“Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father” – British comedian Jack Whitehall sets out on a trips throughout Asia, Eastern Europe and North America with his eccentric father Michael, who is usually less than impressed with the trips Jack plans.
-“Somebody Feed Phil” – Phil Rosenthal is a television writer best known for creating the sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Rosenthal is joined by friends, family and famous chefs as he goes to countries all over the world to try their best dishes. From sushi in Ireland to a Cajun restaurant in Buenos Aires, “Somebody Feed Phil” shows the many different flavors around the world.
-“Our Planet” – “Our Planet” allows you to travel to some of the world’s most beautiful places, as well as some of the rarely seen creatures and habitats among them.
For Food and Wine Lovers:
In addition to closing museums and landmarks, the coronavirus pandemic has led to the closures of restaurants around the world.
In Beverly Hills, the head chef of Gucci’s new Italian restaurant, Gucci Osteria, is giving virtual cooking classes on his Instagram. Massimo Bottura brings his “Kitchen Quarantine” to over 1 million followers.
Vineyards are also experiencing closures around the world. California winemaker Kendall Jackson, famous for their chardonnay, is getting on the virtual as well. The winery is launching a Virtual Wine Tastings series starting March 23. The series will be available on Kendall Jackson’s Facebook and Instagram.