Traffic reversal talk upsets Tomilson Ave. residents

Some residents on Tomilson Avenue are not happy to hear that Community Board 11 is contemplating a traffic reversal on their street.
Approximately 20 years ago, the community board changed the direction on the street so cars can?t make a right off of Pelham Parkway. Residents say since that change, their block has been peaceful and quiet. However, drivers say the change created traffic congestion for cars on the parkway and on Williamsbridge Road.
Now, the community board is thinking about reversing the street so cars can turn off the parkway. Board members say the street reversal is a last resort. Board members also say that if the reversal happens, they have requested the city put speed bumps and no truck signs on Tomilson Avenue to keep the street safe.
The Department of Transportation is conducting a survey to see if speed bumps and no truck signs are possible. The city says that survey will take approximately 12 weeks to complete.