7-year-old gets Huntington to change name to ‘Hauntington’ for Halloween

A 7-year-old girl’s letter to the town of Huntington was well-received, and has succeeded in getting the town’s name changed for Halloween.
Angelica Cunningham wrote to the town in late August with a special request – add an “A” to Huntington to make it “Hauntington” on Halloween.
She says she got the idea from her “Monster High” doll named “Ari Hauntington.”
Her parents encouraged her to bring this idea to the town.
“We just thought, write a letter to [Town Supervisor] Chad Lupinacci and see what happens,” says father Tom Cunningham.
Last week, the Town Board agreed with Angelica with a unanimous vote. Lupinacci dropped into Washington Primary School Tuesday to present Angelica with a certificate of appreciation.
“I think it was a great idea. It was very creative and who wants to disappoint a 7-year-old who took the time out of their summer vacation to write their elected officials with a great idea,” says Lupinacci.
Signs around the town will be covered up with temporary ones on Wednesday – as Huntington will become “Hauntington.”
Lupinacci says he hopes to make it a yearly tradition.