Town of Brookhaven submits $28M preliminary Isaias damage assessment; employees working OT on cleanup

Costs are piling up as Long Island towns try to cleanup from Tropical Storm Isaias, leaving taxpayers wondering when the job will be done and if they'll have to pick up some of the bill.
Nearly an entire month after Isaias hit, some neighborhoods are still waiting for debris to be picked up. In Coram, Dan Mullins says the remains of a 40-foot tree that fell in his yard are still there.
"We've been very patient - we have to be patient, but we need to know when they're going to come and grab this debris. So communication is really where it's at," says Mullins.
Brookhaven Highway Superintendent Daniel Losquadro says town employees have been working up to 14-hour days since the storm and have even hired outside contractors. The town has 18 sites where trees and branches are being dumped.
"At this point we're probably only about halfway through all of our roadways. You have to remember the Town of Brookhaven is geographically larger than Nassau County and we're making good progress, but I would say we have at least another two weeks of that work ahead of us," says Losquadro.
The town has already submitted a preliminary damage assessment to FEMA for $28 million. Losquadro says if the town gets that money, he can continue using outside contractors and pay overtime to expedite cleanup. If not, cleanup will continue but be spread out using regular employees.
"No. Taxes will not go up, but it certainly will take significantly longer," he says.