'This virus preys on our division.' - Several states shatter records of daily new coronavirus cases

Several states reported alarming new coronavirus numbers this weekend as a new report recommends that at least 18 states roll back their reopening measures.
The U.S. shattered records of daily new coronavirus cases at least 9 times in a month.
The latest numbers out of Florida Sunday showed more than 12,000 new infections and 87 deaths reported. Hospitals there are struggling to keep up with the surge of patients.
"If things continue and this continues to be unmanageable, we have to make some dramatic decisions like a stay-at-home order," says Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.
Texas, Georgia and Mississippi are also seeing a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases.
However, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves is defending his decision not to issue a statewide mask mandate.
"If I believed that was the best way to save lives...I would have done it a long time ago," he says.
This all comes as an unpublished report prepared for the White House coronavirus task force recommends 18 states to roll back reopening measures, including Florida and California.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says, "This virus preys on our division. It preys when we get exhausted. It preys on us when we don't have a unified national front or we as individuals think this isn't going to be a big deal. we have to be as vigilant as we were the first day."
In a News 12 poll put up on Twitter, three-quarters of people who responded believe masks should be mandated, while 23 percent said they should not.
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