The beat goes on: Korean War vet takes to his drums to show support for health care workers

A 90-year-old Korean War veteran from Huntington is drumming up support for those fighting the war on the coronavirus.
As 7 p.m. draws near on Park Avenue in Huntington, a beat fills the air - it's coming from Frank Lizzo's drum set. Lizzo plays most nights from his front porch.
It's not the first time Lizzo has played for those in battle. He played with the 7th Army Band Infantry, drumming for the troops on the 38th Parallel.
"I feel good that I'm doing something ... I'm giving myself," says Lizzo.
Just a short distance away, Brendan Ryan, who lost a loved one during 9/11, takes out his bugle each evening to show support.
"I was on the receiving end of a lot of acts of kindness - so it's nice to be on the giving end of that," says Ryan.
Both men will keep using their talents to honor the lifesaving work of others.
"I'll keep drumming until my hands won't do it anymore, and then I'll say thank you," says Lizzo.
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