Teen remains in hospital after hit-and-run

A Lindenhurst teenager remains in the hospital with a broken ankle and a broken collarbone nearly a week after she was hit and left in the road on Route 110. Police continue their search for the driver, who fled the scene.
Jennifer Angelini, 14, and two of her friends were going to a movie at Airport Plaza in Farmingdale, but when it was sold out, they decided to cross Route 110 to get dinner at a restaurant.
Angelini?s friends say a black SUV that may have tinted windows struck her, she rolled up on the windshield, and then the car sped away.
While Suffolk Police continue looking for the hit-and-run driver, Angelini?s mother, Donna, has expressed her desperation to find the person responsible.
"Why did someone hit her and leave her to die in the road?" Donna asks. "How can you hit a child and not stop to help her?"
Police ask anyone with information to call 1-800-220-TIPS.