Swimmer's wife: Husband staged his death, stepson was in on it

The wife of a Massapequa man that vanished from Jones Beach says her husband Raymond Roth staged his own death and believes her stepson Jonathan was in on it. Evana Roth revealed the shocking details in a press conference this afternoon. Evana told reporters she found emails that implicated her husband and stepson were in cahoots.
Raymond's son called police last weekend and said his dad went missing at Jones Beach. Rescue crews spent tens of thousands of dollars and days searching for him.
Raymond was located in Florida and then in South Carolina yesterday. Evana says since Raymond was located, he has been texting and calling constantly. ?I have no idea why my husband did this," Evana said at a press conference. "A man who got fired, got desperate perhaps. But crime is not a path to follow and I would never be a part of it." Evana says she believes Raymond was driving the car he said he returned to the dealership because he couldn't afford it anymore. She says he emptied bank accounts, tripled life insurance coverage, changed his will and put their home up for sale in the days leading up to his disappearance.Evana ended the press conference showing a text message Raymond sent her this morning that read: "I just heard you're having a press conference, be nice, almost 15 years together."To watch more of the press conference, click iO Extra on Channel 612.
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