Suspected road rage claims life in Long Beach

One man is dead and another in police custody following a suspected case of road rage Friday in Long Beach.
According to police, the two men were arguing as they drove along Park Avenue. When they arrived at the intersection of Park and National Boulevard, authorities say the victim exited his vehicle, began shouting and raising his arms. They say he was then run over by the other driver.
Witnesses Joe Sirc and John Messina offer differing opinions on who was the aggressor. Sirc fingers the survivor as the one responsible for the incident, while Messina believes the man's death was a result of his own actions.
"Two lives ruined in a matter of 10 seconds," says Sirc. "He didn't even try to go around him or nothing. He ran him over. Period."
Messina says the incident was a result of fear, however, and claims the man who died was punching and kicking the other vehicle in a maniacal rage.
"He had no choice," says Messina. "He was cornered in. It could have happened to anyone. It looked to me like the kid just didn't know what happened, and just hit the accelerator and it was too late."