Supermarket union launches #ShopSmart campaign during pandemic

Supermarkets across the Island are taking steps to keep shoppers safe in the pandemic, including one-way aisles and limiting the number of people in the store. But they say shoppers are actually putting grocery store workers at risk.
Grocery store owners and union officials are calling out customers who are not wearing masks or gloves while shopping.
Union officials also say they have a problem with customers who chuck their gloves and masks into the parking lot instead of nearby trash cans.
The United Food and Commercial Workers Union has launched a media campaign called #ShopSmart.
The campaign is reminding customers to wear masks and gloves while shopping, keep at least 6 feet from others and dispose of their used masks and gloves in the trash.
Customers are being asked not to shop if they feel sick, to reduce the number of trips, have only one person do the shopping and use credit cards instead of cash.
Union officials are also asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo to designate grocery employees as first responders so they will be eligible for priority coronavirus testing and personal protective equipment.