Suffolk police to release identity of remains found at Gilgo Beach

Suffolk police announced Friday that they have positively identified remains that were found at Gilgo Beach, known as "Jane Doe #6" or "Manorville Jane Doe."
The woman's torso was found near Halsey Manor Road back in November 2000. Her head, hands and right foot were discovered at along Ocean Parkway in April 2011 -- on the same day that other sets of remains were discovered.
Police say they used DNA technology to positively identify the remains, working in conjunction with the FBI. The white woman was between 30 and 40 years old, and was one of two dismembered victims found in Manorville between 2000-2003.
Suffolk police have not yet released the woman's identity, but said it would be made available on the department's website on the case,
Police announced back in January that DNA from five of the unidentified Gilgo victims had been sent to the FBI for advanced DNA techniques, including the use of genetic genealogy.
State Sen. Phil Boyle has publicly pushed for the use of genetic genealogy, asking last year for the state lab to start using it. Genetic genealogy taps into law enforcement database, as well as public genealogy sites to essentially cross reference and map out existing connections between related people.

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