Stony Brook University students sign petition over housing payments during pandemic

Students at Stony Brook University created a petition over the cost of room and board during the coronavirus pandemic.
They say they should not be financially liable if residence halls close due to the coronavirus. They are also asking for a reasonable reimbursement for housing and meal plan fees.
The school's housing portal currently states that students are responsible for housing costs. Students say they are shocked since they were partially reimbursed in the spring when the campus closed due to the virus.
"When I heard that we weren't going to get reimbursed, I did not sign the new housing policy because honestly I'm reconsidering going back," said Lamiya Jubaed. "That's a lot of money and that's a lot of debt to take on just to not be able to go on campus and not get it refunded."
The no refund policy is what prompted Jubaed to start the petition. The petition has received around 3,000 signatures.
The students say the university sent an update on its hosing policy Friday saying it will offer reasonable reimbursement if housing is closed due to health concerns.
They say they are happy the school listened to their concerns.
Stony Brook has not responded to News 12's request for comment.