State lawmakers push for bill in support of USPS funding, mail-in voting

There's a call for more funding for the US Postal Service after some state lawmakers say changes made by the Postmaster General are hurting the service.
Democrats like Rep. Tom Suozzi say that this could be a political move to help President Donald Trump get reelected.
Outside of the Post Office Processing Center in Melville on Monday, Suozzi announced that he, along with lawmakers like Republican Rep. Peter King, are pushing for a bill to help the USPS.
Suozzi says recent changes to the USPS include equipment reduction, removal of mailboxes or bolting them shut and cutting hours to avoid overtime.
President Trump says he's against funding, which would lead to mail-in voting for the election. He says that it could lead to voter fraud.
Some like Suozzi say people should be able to mail in their votes because of the pandemic.
"I'm very concerned right now that this is a concerted effort, and it's not only going to affect the election, it's going to affect people's prescriptions, it's going to affect their Social Security checks and it's going to affect a lot more," Suozzi says.
Rep. King says, "Whatever problems I have with universal mail-in voting, I still think we have to vote to fully fund the post office, I've done that in the past, I'm supporting legislation to do that and I will do it again."
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling the House back into session to vote on a bill that would prohibit the United State Postal Service from making any changes to its operations or service for the rest of the year.