State lawmakers include 5-year reassessment phase-in as part of budget

As part of the state budget, the Democratic-controlled New York Legislature approved a phase-in plan for Nassau County's reassessment of property.
The phase-in plan, which Nassau County Executive Laura Curran calls a "taxpayer protection plan," would phase in the assessment changes over the course of five years regardless of whether they led to an increase or decrease in an individual's property tax bill.
Curran signed an executive order last year which would change the way in which the county evaluates properties. She said she acknowledges there would be a rough road ahead.
Many Nassau residents expressed confusion and concern about the potential for higher property tax bills as a result of the county's reassessment in the months that followed.
The phase-in plan, which Curran insists is key to easing the burden on property owners, still requires the approval of the Republican-led Nassau County Legislature.
The legislature's presiding officer, Rich Nicolello, says while the GOP majority may support the phase-in legislation it remains adamantly opposed to the reassessment changes.
Curran thanked Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers for including the phase-in plan in the state budget. She says her office will submit the taxpayer protection plan to the Nassau Legislature immediately.