Standardized testing returns to LI schools Monday despite push back from state, parents

Standardized testing will return to Long Island schools on Monday despite push back from some parents and the state Education Department.
The federally mandated math and English tests are for New York state students in 5th through 8th grade.
The assessment is scaled back this year, but it will still go forward even after the New York Education Department requested federal officials to waive this year's exams.
Jeanette Deutermann, of Long Island Opt Out, has rallied for years to end standardized tests. She says kids don't need to be graded this way, especially during a year when the education system was upended with virtual and hybrid classes.
"They have also made it clear that the results will have no meaning for anyone, so why you would have your child sit for an assessment during those conditions?" Deutermann says.
However, some experts say educators need to know what and how much kids have learned during the pandemic.
"I think what we need is data to find out the impact that this pandemic has had on our the efficacy of our instructional a variety of instructional techniques that we've utilized this year," says Bill Johnson, the former superintendent of Rockville Center Schools.
Over the past few years, Long Island has had an over 50% opt-out rate when it comes to standardized tests. Testing opponents believe this year the number will go even higher because of the pandemic.
"I think this has sort of raised the alarm that if we cannot suspend these standardized tests in a year like this, then what are we doing and what is this test truly for?" Deutermann says.
Johnson says the tests should go forward and are important, but respects parents' decision to opt out.
"At the end of the day, we have got to find out what worked and what didn't, which kids are further behind than others," Johnson says.