Stamford dentist: More patients coming in with cracked teeth from grinding due to stress

A Stamford dentist says he's seeing more patients coming into his office with cracked teeth from grinding due to stress.
Dr. Jerry Simon, of Dental Care of Stamford, tells News 12 Connecticut he's seeing more than double the cases than usual for cracked teeth. He says if you have an uneven bite and add stress to the mix, it can increase your tolerance for grinding and clenching your teeth.
The grinding and clenching of the jaw and teeth can also cause headaches, facial pain, loosening of the teeth and potentially even gum recession.
Though many people may be hesitant to head to the dentist due to safety concerns due to COVID-19, Simon says that there have been increased cleaning measures in the building.
He says as stress makes your bite more irritated to your uneven bite, a solution would be to fix the patient's bite so the teeth fit together.
Simon says if you're starting to feel side effects like headaches, it's important to get the issue corrected by a dentist before problems get worse.
Dentists strongly advise you to not skip your checkups because avoiding them can make problems more severe down the line.