Sources: Missing Nassau police radios could have been stolen, resold

Several Nassau County police radios vanished months ago, and sources tell News 12 Long Island that there's an investigation into whether they were intentionally stolen and possibly resold.
There are thousands of police radios in Nassau. Officers in all departments have portable ones on their gun belts and in their cars.
News 12 asked Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder about the vanished radios during a one-on-one interview.
"There are current ongoing investigations to recover them, and we think we're going to get them all back," Ryder said, adding that it's an Internal Affairs investigation, "plus we work with the district attorney's office if there was some corruption issues involved."
Nassau police radios are encrypted, meaning information transmitted on them cannot be picked up with scanners purchased online or at electronics stores. And while the scanners are currently only static on the Nassau police frequency, anyone with a stolen police radio that's still active would be able to pose as a police officer, know the location of officers and the exact response to an emergency.
Nassau PBA President James McDermott said the issue has him "very, very concerned."
Ryder said the unaccounted radios cost $4,000 each.
The Nassau DA's office would not comment on the investigation.