Some states see spike in new COVID-19 cases as reopening continues

More than 1.9 million Americans have been infected with the coronavirus over the past few months, according to Johns Hopkins University. Now, some states are seeing a spike in new cases.
New York City is starting to move forward, but officials urge that the city is not out of the woods yet.

The Big Apple is in phase one of the reopening process after months of COVID-19 restrictions.

"Stay away from people who are in a vulnerable population, until you take a test and you know that you are not infected," says Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

A total of 22 states are seeing a jump in new cases. Among those states is Florida, which saw an increase of about 46% over the past week as most of the state entered its second reopening phase.

The lifting of social distancing restrictions and the nationwide police brutality protests are likely factors in the increase in infections.

"COVID-19 is going to be here for a little bit, hopefully, we get a vaccine and then you know our scientists deal with it, but the people need to deal with this," says Joshua Musalia, Kentucky protester.

Health officials say one thing that is likely not a factor is people who are not showing symptoms.
The World Health Organization now says it’s rare for someone who is asymptomatic to infect others and that the discovery might make a difference.

"It gives contact tracers a better sense of who to focus on, to make sure the right people are being isolated and the right contacts are being quarantined," says Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent,
Another finding from the medical community, according to a study of six countries - shutdowns probably prevented about 62 million confirmed cases, including nearly 4.8 million in the U.S.