Slithering visitor: Sayville man discovers 4-foot snake in living room

A Sayville man made an unsettling, slithering discovery in her living room.
The unwelcomed intruder was a 4-foot-long Ball python.
All the sudden this object was crawling on my living room floor and went under the coffee table and it was a snake!," said Gregory Martin. "I'm scared of those snakes."
Strong Island Animal Rescue and Suffolk Police responded to the woman’s home last night after she found the reptile. The snake doesn't belong to Martin and he doesn't know where it came from.
"Most likely he was handled as a baby and he doesn't seem to be aggressive or dangerous," said Frankie Floridia of the animal rescue.
Strong Island Animal Rescue took the snake and it will be up for adoption soon. Floridia said he's already received a number of requests from those who want to adopt it.