Slain Garden City family members laid to rest

Thousands of mourners turned out Tuesday to say their final goodbyes to a Garden City mother and her two daughters killed in a murder-suicide last weekend.
Police say Bill Parente killed his wife and daughters in a Maryland hotel room on April 19 before killing himself. Police are looking into allegations that Parente was involved in questionable financial dealings, which may have contributed to his frame of mind the day of the murders.
The coffins of Betty, Stephanie and Catherine Parente were carried to St. Joseph?s Church in Garden City and then buried at St. Charles Cemetery in East Farmingdale.
Those who knew the family tell News 12 Long Island that they?re so shocked and devastated, they don?t care what the motive might have been.
?The face of evil can be so ordinary it?s frightening,? says Parente family friend Kim Rivelle.
During the service, mourners were told to focus on the good memories instead of the tragedy. Friends of 11-year-old Catherine and 19-year-old Stephanie say that will be difficult.
?It was a great service, but it is not going to make anything better,? says Stephanie?s friend, Marissa Wilson.
A funeral for Bill Parente was held privately.