Shoreline communities prepare properties, boats for potential storm impact

The possible impact of Isaias is fraying the nerves of some coastal homeowners, who might be faced with flooding and storm damage.
The Detrano family spent Monday inspecting the property around their waterfront home in Freeport. They say it's not unusual for strong storms to cause coastal flooding, but with Isaias setting its sights on Long Island, they're making preparations.
"We are watching it, and hopefully it will be OK, says Nadine Detrano.
Isaias could also bring heavy rain and wind that could cause damage. John Kalaboukas in Wantagh decided to put away his patio furniture so it doesn't blow around. But what he's most worried about is flooding, since he's across the street from the water.
"You are talking about surge, and whenever you are surrounded by water you worry about surge," he says.
Other neighbors have generators at the ready in case the power goes out, and boat owners are keeping a close eye on the radar and making sure everything is prepared when the storm comes.
"You come down, you put plenty of lines out and fingers crossed," says Tom Pearce.
Pearce and other boaters took to their vessels to double-check mooring lines at the docks. Boat repairman Frank Catalano says he's been checking off his clients' boats and is trying to remain positive.
"We have had a lot of windy heavy winds this year already and nothing has happened. I wouldn't really worry about this one. Over 80 mph is something to worry about, 60 mph I think we will get through it just fine," says Catalano.
Tides are also expected to be high during the storm, adding to the potential flood threat.