Family hit by Sandy, cancer diagnosis braces for possible impact from Isaias

Long Island residents hit hard by Superstorm Sandy are wondering how they will fare as Isaias nears the region, including one couple who is facing another battle at the same time.
Many in the Village of Lindenhurst will never forget Superstorm Sandy. Homes along the water were flooded and had to be raised and rebuilt after the powerful storm passed through.
One resident says she and her husband spent three years fixing their home, and even now there is still work to be done. There's wind damage that needs to be repaired on the second floor.
Snow says her husband has lived in the home through Hurricane Gloria and Superstorm Sandy. She says they spent roughly three years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to make the house livable again post-Sandy.
"I think he said there was 3 feet of water in the kitchen, which is this first level, and that was as high as it got was 3 feet," says Snow.
Debi Snow says she not only has to worry about what this storm will bring to her property, but also how her husband will fair, because he is recovering from cancer.
"If this does because an event, I have to be able to get him ambulatory and get him out of here, so I'm watching the news for more than one reason," she says.
Snow says after getting her groceries and supplies, she will have to secure her plants, furniture and anything else that might get carried away by high winds.