SHARK WATCH: Nassau County to increase patrols on the water after recent shark sightings

Nassau County will be putting extra eyes on the water after a series of shark sightings this week.
Nassau County Executive Laura Curran made the announcement Friday at Nickerson Beach, where a shark was spotted Wednesday.
Two sharks were also spotted at Jones Beach Field Six on Thursday.
Scientists say schools of fish and clean warmer water are attracting more sharks to the area, causing the increase in patrols.
“If anything is spotted coming too close to the shore, our officers will be able to convey that information to the lifeguards and they will make the appropriate safeguards," Curran says. "So, we're not doing this to frighten people, we want people to be aware of what's going on."
The county executive also said the risk of being attacked by a shark is very low and that there have only been around a dozen reported shark attacks on Long Island.
The last shark attack on Long Island was in 2018 when two children were attacked off Fire Island. 
Officials say to be safe  it's always advisable to swim close to shore, in sight of lifeguards.They also add take off reflective jewelry before you swim be cause it can attract marine life.