Nassau officials: 9 shark sightings this week; patrols deployed off South Shore

A 10-foot shark was seen off the coast of Point Lookout Wednesday, one of nine shark sightings in the area this week, according to Nassau County officials.
Nassau officials say at least one shark that was caught in county waters has been confirmed to be a bull shark, which could be dangerous.
Hempstead Town Supervisor Don Clavin says other recent sightings were likely bull sharks as well.
"The bull shark in particular is dangerous because it likes to come to shore areas," says Clavin.
The town says it is deploying boats and Jet Skis to look for more of them. Nassau County police also have their own boats and helicopters searching as well.
So far, all of the reported sightings have been in southwestern Nassau County, including Point Lookout, Lido Beach, Long Beach and East Atlantic Beach.
Swimmers at Town of Hempstead beaches were only allowed to go into the water at knee-high depth starting at 11 a.m., but were eventually allowed to go in waist-deep by noon. On Wednesday afternoon, swimmers were pulled from the water altogether.
"I was a little scared. I would go deeper, but I'm staying in the shallow end. I'm still having a good time," says 11-year-old Kayla, who went for a dip at Nickerson Beach Thursday.
Long Beach and Jones Beach have continued to allow swimming, with no planned changes.
Anyone choosing to swim in the ocean should follow a few safety measures:
  • Swim in groups
  • Avoid wearing shiny jewelry
  • Don’t swim while bleeding
  • Down swim at dawn or dusk due to prime feeding times
  • Stay close to the shore and listen to instructions from lifeguards