Seaford pharmacy robbery deaths spotlight Opana abuse

Powerful painkillers have once again been linked to violence and death here on Long Island, this time with a deadly shooting at a Seaford pharmacy. ATF agent John Capano was fatally shot on New Year's Eve as he struggled with suspect James McGoey. McGoey, investigators say, was a career criminal who was out to rob Charlie's Pharmacy of cash and the powerful painkiller Opana. Doctors say Opana is a narcotic that's similar to Oxycontin, but is much more potent. Drug counselors say restrictions that were put in place to combat Oxycontin abuse have simply made addicts migrate to Opana, which can be crushed and snorted.Back in December, Endo Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Opana, said it had FDA approval for a new formula designed to be crush-resistant.Pharmacies consider extra precautions in light of recent robberiesCops probe possible friendly fire in death of ATF agentPolice: Suspect, ATF agent killed in Seaford pharmacy robberyPolice identify suspect killed in Seaford pharmacy robbery