School bus safety program begins in Suffolk County

Cameras mounted on buses are going live to catch drivers who illegally pass them.

News 12 Staff

Mar 1, 2021, 11:01 PM

Updated 1,183 days ago


Monday saw the beginning of a Suffolk program that is trying to catch drivers who pass school buses while their stops signs are out.
Cameras will now record vehicles that go around stops signs while they're out and flashing. All Suffolk school districts enrolled the program.
For the first 60 days, those who ignore stop signs will get a warning ticket in the mail. But after the grace period, a $250 fine will come with the ticket.
Longtime South Huntington teacher Sue Cirillo says she has seen drivers ignoring the stop signs on school buses.
"I see it all the time, I've actually filmed cars running the stop sign and sent it to the state," she says. "It's constant and it's disgraceful."
Nassau officials have selected a vendor for the county's own school bus camera program, but have not yet signed a contract.

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