SAT, ACT cancellations lead colleges to reevaluate admissions process

The pandemic is causing big change for high school students when it comes to SAT and ACT exam requirements.
Some high school students are still waiting for their chance to take the SAT and ACT because exams were canceled once the pandemic hit. Locust Valley junior Milan Minott says she has been preparing for the last two years.
"I've had SAT courses from different colleges. I've had SAT tutors. I've been on YouTube," says Minott, who is planning to apply to the University of Pennsylvania.
Because of the uncertainty over exams, several colleges nationwide have announced they will become temporarily test optional. Schools like Adelphi University were already evaluating whether to permanently become test optional.
In addition to application changes, college admissions staff have also had to reevaluate the entire process for interested students.
"We've pivoted all of our open houses and admissions events online," says Adelphi Enrollment Vice President Kristen Capezza. "We've introduced student panels and live chats. We've also put a lot of advising and one-on-one sessions all via Zoom and other online tools."
The College Board, which administers the SATs, says that if it is safe from a public health standpoint, SAT exams will be offered every month through the end of the year, beginning in August.