Rose garden re-dedicated to LI organ donors and their families

The rose garden at Eisenhower Park was re-dedicated Saturday to Long Island organ donors and their families during a special celebration.
More than 100 people gathered in the East Meadow park to thank people who donated organs so that their loved ones could live on. 
Jennifer Zuccato, of Mineola, donated a portion of her liver to her daughter Bella when she was just 8 months old.
"My will to live will forever be strong," said Bella. "I can't wait for what the future brings."
Susan Pellegrito's 29-year-old son Peter died of an aneurysm, and his organ donation saved the lives of several people – including Sarina Williams, a mother of four, who received his kidney. 
"You are my hero," she said during the ceremony. "I think about you every day. Without you, I wouldn't have a future to look forward to."
The ceremony was dedicated to the more than 150 people who donated organs. Each of their names were called out loud and given a single rose.
The Long Island Transplant Recipients International Organization or LI-TRIO, says the rose garden itself symbolizes those who have given the gift of life through organ and tissue donation. 
"We honor each and every donor their families…they've really saved lives and made a difference," said LI-TRIO President Joy Oppedisano. 
Organizers say one donor can save eight lives.