Roller hockey tournament in Central Islip honors late FDNY firefighter Billy Moon

A roller hockey tournament honoring late FDNY firefighter Billy Moon was held in Central Islip.  
News 12 reported in 2022 that the 47-year-old father of two died of a brain injury during a training accident at a Brooklyn fire house.  
Moon’s organs were donated and went on to save the lives of five people. Earlier this year, his lungs were donated to retired FDNY lieutenant Terrence Jordan, who had end-stage COPD and emphysema from responding to Ground Zero.   
In addition to being an Islip volunteer firefighter, Moon was also a coach for his son’s roller hockey team.  
Collin Moon, 9, knows his father had a profound impact on many lives.  
“A lot of people say that his favorite job was being a firefighter, when it really was being a dad. Being that he was an organ donor to five people, it makes me feel like all those people should live to be 100 years old,” he said.  
“I think it helps them to know that dad was always their hero. He's able to live on in some capacity even though he's not physically here with us,” said his wife, Kristina Moon.  
Participants at the tournament aimed to honor the local hero’s life and legacy.  
“We mourned his loss in December, and today we're going to celebrate his life,” said League Commissioner Anthony Ceccarini. “He was passionate for his family, passionate as a hockey coach and that's how we'll remember him.”  
“Billy was just a fantastic guy and I hope we do him justice by honoring him today,” said volunteer roller hockey coach Steve Beisel.  
Moon’s family says events like the tournament help ensure his memory lives on.
“We miss him a lot, the sadness doesn't go away but things like this kind a of help us get through,” said his sister, Chrissy Vansteen. 
Organizers say money raised during the tournament will go to Moon’s children’s college fund.