Riverhead distiller producing free hand sanitizer with donated items

A Long Island distiller is putting in the work to produce more of a must-have product that's been hard to find for many -- hand sanitizer.
The specialty of Twin Stills in Riverhead is making moonshine, but these days they've added the cleaning product to its menu.
Joe Cunha and his wife Patricia say they knew it was the right thing to do.
"We give it out for free," says Patricia. "It's shame people need this and they can't find it.
Twins Stills is following a simple recipe by mixing 100 proof alcohol with aloe vera and bottling it.
Twin Stills employees says the community has been a big help by dropping off aloe plants, gel and small bottles to help the process.
"The public response in the last two days has been overwhelming, they have been very grateful," says Joe Cunha.
Cunha says not only will everyone who walks into the distillery leave with a bottle -- they're also offering refills next week.
Anyone who would like to donate aloe vera gel and/or small 3 oz. bottles, the items can be dropped off at Twin Stills on Sound Avenue. Pick-up for the free hand sanitizer is on Saturdays and Sundays.
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