Restrictions in group homes for people with developmental disabilities to be lifted

Restrictions will be lifted in group homes for Long Islanders with developmental disabilities starting Wednesday.
The Office for People With Developmental Disabilities is lifting restrictions for day programs, home visits and community outings.
Beverly Roach says she's only had a couple of short, socially distanced visits with her two daughters at their group homes during the COVID-19 lockdown.
Beverly's daughter, Robyn, says she really couldn't leave her group home in Seaford. Robyn and her mother say they felt the restrictions were unfair considering that stores and restaurants have been reopening over the last several weeks, but there were no changes for group homes.
They wrote letters to the governor asking to speed up the reopening process.
The new guidelines include social distancing or wearing masks for home visits, and bringing hand sanitizer for going out in public and washing your hands when you get back to the group home.
Beverly says she's glad her visits with her daughters will last longer.