Resident: FAA should change noisy North Fork Helicopter Route

Some North Fork residents are demanding the FAA change a helicopter route that they say is the root of major noise issues.
The FAA implemented the North Shore Helicopter Route in August 2012.
"Quality of life has been on a downhill spiral for the last eight years," says Northville resident John Cullen.
Cullen says the rule, which applies to helicopters flying between Lloyd Harbor and Orient Point, allows pilots to make a turn over the North Fork as they head to the South Fork.
He says he wants the FAA to extend the route past Orient Point or require pilots to fly along the ocean on the South Shore.
Residents say another reason they would like to see the route change is because those helicopters and seaplanes are not landing on the North Shore -- their final destination is on the South Shore.
"We live on Long Island surrounded by water, each and every one of these crafts are landing on the South Shore, they should be flying along the South Shore, right along the Atlantic Ocean," says Cullen.
In a statement to News 12, the FAA said it sought public comment to find out how people are affected by the rule. They went on to say, "At this time, the agency has not ruled out any option, including proposals for an all-water route."
Rep. Lee Zeldin, who represents the area, is calling on more people on the North Fork to make individual complaints to the FAA.
"What we need are more individuals directly lodging their complaints with the FAA, because the FAA is not taking the complaint of one on behalf of the many," says Zeldin.
The FAA says it is still reviewing public comments about the North Shore Helicopter Route. The rule is scheduled to expire next August.