Rep. Suozzi pens letter to president, House leaders calling for solution to immigration crisis

Suozzi is laying out a plan to create an “Ellis Island” type processing facility at the United States southern border.

News 12 Staff

Jan 2, 2024, 5:28 PM

Updated 164 days ago


Congressional hopeful Tom Suozzi wrote a pair of letters to President Joe Biden and House leadership calling for a bipartisan solution to the immigration crisis.
In it, he revisits a plan that he and former Rep. Peter King proposed – an “Ellis Island plan to help secure the border and bring order to the current crisis at the southern border.”
“I think that if we had a facility with the right number of judges and the right technology and the right number of border agents that we could process people properly, and people that are eligible could come in, and people that are not eligible would be stopped, and that's what I think people want,” said Suozzi.
The former three-term congressman is running in the special election to replace George Santos. He faces Nassau Legislator Mazi Pilip of Great Neck.
The election will take place in six weeks.  

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