Republicans, voters frustrated at Santos' admission of fabrications in history

The 34-year-old explained on the video blog "Political Personalities with Skye" that "it's the time of year that usually emotions are high, and then you had the weight of your world on your shoulders, and they just become higher."

News 12 Staff

Dec 27, 2022, 5:24 PM

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Rep.-elect George Santos broke his silence Monday - admitting to several media outlets that he embellished parts of his resume and personal history.
The Republican congressman-elect admitted to lying about his education, work experience and even his faith - claiming his grandparents fled Europe during the Holocaust.
In an interview with City and State, a multimedia organization, Santos said he was told growing up that his grandparents were refugees in Brazil.
"I always joke - 'I'm Catholic - but I'm also Jew-ish," Santos said on City and State.
But the joke wasn't funny for other Republican legislators in the area like Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman.
"He went even further and said his grandparents escaped the Holocaust and I think that's trivializing, that is a big problem for me as a Jew and for the Jewish community," Blakeman said.
Blakeman also said that an ethics committee should do a thorough investigation into Santos.
The Republican Jewish Coalition released a statement saying they are disappointed that he misrepresented his heritage and went on to say, "He will not be welcome at any future RJC event."
Voters had mixed reactions on the latest revelations.
"People elected him based on what they thought was him and that turned out not to be true," said Ernest Jackson, of Freeport.
Others say that Santos deserves a second chance.
The head of the Nassau County GOP, Joseph Cairo Jr, said he is deeply disappointed with Rep.-elect Santos and that Santos broke the public's trust by making serious misstatements.
News 12 reached out to Santos since the New York Times story first broke the story about Santos' fabricated resume but have still not heard back.

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