Rats running rampant in Plainview pools, gardens and more

In a Plainview neighborhood of neatly manicured lawns and pristine landscaping, residents say they're feeling grossed out about a rodent problem.
Elvina Pavic and her neighbors say they've seen rodents swimming in backyard pools, running around gardens and hiding in barbecue grills. Aveva Pavic, 12, spotted a rodent by her backyard fire pit.
"I saw a rat a foot away from me. I was so scared. My friends and I started screaming and hysterically crying," she says.
Gloria Geraci says the infestation started a few weeks ago, and having it happen amid a pandemic makes matters worse.
"We're social distancing, this is supposed to be my haven. It's not. I'm afraid to be in my yard," says Geraci. "I have a small dog, which I will not allow out because I don't want my dog to get hurt."
In fact, while News 12 was talking to Geraci, a neighbor found a dead rat in her flower bed.
"Is it that they're looking for food, their normal food source is gone. Were they disrupted because they're working on the 135? We don't know," says Yolanda Coveney.
The Nassau Department of Health says inspectors visited the area last week and confirmed a rodent infestation. The county gave residents pamphlets with tips on getting rid of them -- but they say that is not enough.
Geraci and her neighbors are calling on the county to pinpoint the source of the rat infestation and help them get rid of the problem.