Rainbows and beyond: Facebook group creates movement of positivity

By: Kattey Ortiz
There are no rainbows without rain, right? Well, one might say it's been pouring lately. But a strong and growing group on Long Island is spreading color and positivity with a rainbow movement.
The activity, started in a private Facebook group called "Rainbows over Nassau and Suffolk Counties and Beyond," encourages parents, families, any and everybody to draw some rainbows and hang up their masterpieces on their windows for neighbors to see.
"Over the next few weeks, many of us will be increasing our time spent at home," reads the group description. "It can be hard to find things to do all day (especially with children) and not lose your mind. So I was thinking about a way for our community to still get outside and do something fun, without touching or coughing near others. I thought it’d be fun to have a neighborhood wide rainbow hunt!"
The call to action goes on to say, "All you have to do is put a rainbow in your window between now and this Friday. That’s it! Color it, paint it, cut it out, print it from the printer, whatever. Then we can get outside, walk around and see how many rainbows we can find!  It’s easy. No human contact. Get fresh air. Make a rainbow and then hunt for others."
Of course, the rainbow-making didn't stop on Friday.
The group, which was created on March 18, already has thousands of members.
"No way did we have any idea that it would take off the way it did," said Danielle Arcuri, who is an administrator in the group. "Today we have over 30,000 in the group from all over."
Arcuri says so many moms were talking about the activity online that they decided to have a single place for it. They believe the original idea began in Italy.
Suzin Varro, of Commack, has seen the rainbows in her neighborhood.
"This (rainbow movement) is helping children and families spread rainbows while being home and social distancing," she says. "People are hanging rainbows in their windows children and parents are coloring sidewalks with rainbow, just spreading rainbows for others to see and enjoy."
The group created an Instagram account on Monday.
"The rainbow, to me, means accepting people of all colors and differences," Varro says. "I’m hoping that this movement will connect people and enlighten people that we are all one."
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