PSEG: Some restorations might not be complete by the end of Saturday

About 75% of customers affected by Isaias outages have seen power restored, but PSEGLI's projection that it will have all customers back up and running by Saturday might come up short.
PSEG Long Island says fewer than 95,000 storm-affected customers are without power as of Friday evening.
Due to the complexity of some jobs, PSEG says some restorations may take until Monday. The company originally said most restorations would be done by Saturday.
A group of Nesconset residents summed up their feelings on yet another day without power -- "miserable," "frustrated" and "fed up."
"My mom lives with me, who's 88 years old. The house is at 84 degrees, even in the evening," says Andrea Sokoloff. "We are texting PSEG on a constant basis and we are not getting any answers."
About 420,000 customers were without power at the peak of Isaias. PSEG said it expected 85% of all affected customers would be restored by Friday night, with the remaining outages restored Saturday.
Residents and local officials say restoration isn't the utility's biggest problem here.
"We all understand that power outage do come after a storm, but there has really been an across-the-board colossal failure in communication," says Nassau Executive Laura Curran.
While many say getting their texts and calls through to PSEG is an issue, others say when they do get responses, their projections change on a daily basis.
"We understand the frustration there, as I've said several times that is not the experience we want to deliver but that has not impacted our ability to restore," says PSEGLI.
The utility issued a statement Friday afternoon:
"While we expect the vast majority of customers to be restored by end of day Saturday, we are finding that each job is requiring more work than anticipated due to the extent of the storm's damage. This may unfortunately push some restorations past end of day Saturday."
This week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo called for an investigation into how the state's various utility companies, including PSEG Long Island, responded to Isaias.