P.S. 49 parents raise alarm over swine flu fears

Parents at P.S. 49 are expressing concerns about their children's health after the South Bronx Charter School, which is housed in the same building, was closed Tuesday due to swine flu fears.
According to school officials, there have not been many absences at P.S. 49, and some classes can even boast perfect attendance.
However, many parents are worried about the germs spreading from the third floor to the rest of the building. The third floor houses the South Bronx Charter School, where 20 students fell ill with flu-like symptoms.
Some parents at P.S. 49 chose to keep their children home Wednesday despite reassurances from the school's administration.
In total, more than 20 schools were temporarily shuttered across New York City, including Horace Mann School in Riverdale. The South Bronx Charter School is expected to reopen May 26.
The state Department of Health says there are now 201 confirmed cases of swine flu in New York City.