Protesters descend on Rep. Zeldin's office demanding he be expelled, Trump impeached

A group gathered outside Rep. Lee Zeldin's Patchogue office Monday demanding President Donald Trump be impeached and convicted, and that Zeldin be expelled from Congress following his vote against the certification of electoral college ballots.
The group Suffolk Progressives organized the protest because they are against Zeldin's vote to challenge the results of the presidential election, even after the deadly violence at the U.S. Capitol last week.
"I think that it is certainly a tall order, but I think that the moment calls for accountability and we can't just sweep it under the rug, and we can't just say it's over let's move on, because there was an incitement of violence and people are dead," says Shoshana Hershkowitz.
The protesters were met by some Trump and Zeldin supporters, who stood in front of and on the other side of Zeldin's office building.
"I do believe there's some voter fraud and that needs to be looked into and I agree with Lee Zeldin," says Tom Tascarella, of Manorville.
Evidence of widespread voter fraud, as claimed by Trump and some Republicans, has not been proven.
Under the watchful eye of police, members of both groups were peaceful, but also loud and pointed with their demands.
The people News 12 spoke with who want to remove Zeldin from his elected position say there must be repercussions and accountability for politicians, as well as the people who stormed the Capitol.
"We are setting ourselves up for this to repeat itself and for this to become the new normal, and we need to say this is unacceptable," says Hershkowitz.
Zeldin responded to the protests in a statement, saying, "Following every Republican presidential win over the last generation, Democrats have objected in Congress on January 6th as part of the same Constitutional process. It's an incredible double standard that if Republicans object as well on the same date in the same place as part of the same process then that makes them all seditious traitors. Those who committed acts of violence in the Capitol must be held accountable. Those eager to use Wednesday to settle political scores though are only dividing our country more."