Protest targets Patchogue bar that made 'transphobic' Instagram post

Members of the LGBTQ community on Friday held a protest outside The Cliffton bar in Patchogue, which is accused of posting a transphobic image on its Instagram page.
The picture shows two people with the words, "Just two dudes...chillin' at the Cliffton." Below it, the bar wrote, "Should we tell him or let him find out himself?"
Many have said the post was transphobic and shames transgender individuals and other members of the LGBTQ community. News 12 was told that one of the people in the photo didn't know it was taken and was devastated by the post.
"It's problematic because trans people in our community are marginalized," Annie Manildoo said at Friday's protest. "Outing a trans woman on a public forum could endanger her in so many ways...she could be killed."
Bar owner Brain Neal posted an apology on The Cliffton's Instagram, saying the bar "has never, nor will ever, be transphobic, homophobic, or Anti LGBT."
Neal told News 12 on Friday: "We understand that we offended a whole bunch of people...But one thing I want to stress to everyone is we don't hate gay people. We don't hate the LGBT community. We never have."
Protesters say the apology is too little too late. They say their protest was about taking a stand against intolerance and to raise awareness about the need to respect all people.