Prosecutors: DNA shows teacher guilty of rape

Prosecutors say DNA evidence can prove the guilt of an East Setauket teacher accused of raping a bartender in February.
Michael Wachholder, on leave from his job as a gym teacher at Arrowhead Elementary School, was arrested for allegedly raping and attacking a female bartender in the back of Secrets Lounge in Mt. Sinai. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.
Prosecutors say a DNA profile ties Wachholder to the crime.
?The only people that have that profile are the defendant or those paternally related to him - father, brother, son, and they weren't there for this rape,? prosecutor Carl Borelli says.
Wachholder's attorney, Jim O'Rourke, had previously stated in court that the real attacker was an acquaintance of his client. However, prosecutors say their DNA profile test excludes that man.
O?Rourke says he wants an independent analysis of the DNA evidence.
Wachholder's bond was increased to $1 million because of the new evidence. He faces up to 25 years on the top charge of first-degree rape. He is due back in court June 26.