Poll reveals consumer confidence is increasing

The results of a new statewide economy poll reveal that consumer confidence is increasing.
According to Sienna College, spending plans for cars, trucks, furniture and major home improvements were raised between April and May, but plans to buy computers and homes were down.
"Everybody seems to have loosened up a little bit, stock market seems up a little bit, people not quite as panicky as they were,? says Plainview resident Mike Ewers.
Despite the poll results, Long Island consumers are still wary about spending money. When it comes to food, 60 percent of New Yorkers are concerned about what they're spending on groceries. Forty-six percent of those polled say the recent hike in gas prices is having a serious or somewhat serious impact on their finances.
According to the Sienna Poll, higher-income New Yorkers, men and republicans are most likely to spend money, but Sondra Arroyo, of Syosset, plans otherwise. "I pay attention to what's on sale, I have to, I have two children at home, my husband?s work is tough and I'm a stay at home mom."
With poll results showing the economic upturn on consumers, residents like Alisa Chafitz, of Jericho, are still careful about big purchases. In regard to buying clothing, Alisa says she thinks ?twice about opening [her] wallet."